Financial Policies

As you apply to and prepare for your education abroad program, pay special attention to policies related to:

  • non-refundable application fees
  • required (and optional) program costs
  • payment deadlines
  • withdrawal policies

Please remember that program administrators spend a considerable amount of time and money processing your application materials and arranging your program. If you withdraw from the program, administrators reserve the right to pass the financial impact of irrecoverable expenses on to you.

Education Abroad Agreement

All UNL students participating in education abroad programs (and non-UNL students participating in UNL programs) are required to sign an Education Abroad Agreement. Among other important legal issues, the agreement includes the following statements about financial obligations:

Obligation to Pay (all programs)

"Should Participant fail to pay any fee or debt owed to the University or any host institution arising in relation to Participant's involvement in or actions taken in the course of the program, the University may place a "hold" on Participant's University records and ability to register until the debt is satisfied in its entirety, in addition to any other recourse available.

The Participant agrees to have sufficient funds for personal expenses and for return transportation, if applicable."

Program Changes (UNL programs)

"The University reserves the right to make such alterations in the program as may be necessary or appropriate, consistent with the goals of the program. While the University tries to maintain the stated program itinerary, activities, and costs, it may make modifications in the event of unforeseen or changed circumstances, such as changes affecting safety, changes in program expenses, currency fluctuations, tuition increases, room and board increases and changes in the academic calendar or course offerings at the host institution. The University shall not be liable for damages or other results caused by events beyond its control."

Program Cancellation (UNL programs)

"The University may cancel the program should the University determine circumstances require such cancellation, in which case the Participant shall receive such refund as the University in the exercise of its reasonable efforts is able to recover for the Participant."