Planning Ahead

Have you ever asked these questions: How much will my education abroad experience cost? How can I make it work? Use the guide below to determine approximately how much an education abroad program will cost and how that cost compares to your term or year at UNL.

The "Expenses" chart below demonstrates the many different types of costs associated with going abroad and helps you plan ahead. You may find this especially helpful once you have been accepted to a program and need to start preparing for specific payments and figuring out who and when to pay.

What kind of expenses do you need to plan for during your education abroad experience?

Use this chart to estimate the cost of your program. For faculty-led and some exchange programs, you can view the budget sheet in the MyWorld brocure. Education Abroad Coordinators are also able to meet with you to help you estimate the cost of your program.

If you plan on requesting financial aid (loans and/or grants) you will need to determine the cost of attendance for credit bearing education abroad programs with the assistance of Education Abroad Office. You can obtain the necessary documentation from the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid (Canfield Administration Room 17). The cost of attendance is the estimated full and reasonable cost of completing a full year as a full-time student. To determine the cost of attendance, the Education Abroad Coordinator will add the expenses that are eligible for use from this chart. Questions about financial aid and renewable UNL scholarships should be directed to the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid. EAO will answer questions regarding education abroad scholarships.

Airfare (Round-trip)
Education Abroad Fee $150.00
Weekly Expenses
Health Insurance
Independent Travel*
Leisure Spending*
Total Expenses

*Not eligible to be paid using financial aid
Note: Summer costs may vary based on the length of the session and number of credits. This is also true of study abroad.

How does the cost of your education abroad program compare to a typical term or year at UNL?

You need to know how much your term or year at UNL costs. Listed here on the right is the current Cost of Attendance by Residency for UNL undergraduate students.

You can now compare the cost of your chosen program to a typical term or year at UNL.

2015-2016 Academic YearUNL ResidentNon-ResidentInternational Students
Tuition & Fees** $8,382.00 $22,790.00 $23,040.00
Books & Supplies $1,050.00 $1,050.00 $1,050.00
Room & Board $10,310.00 $10,310.00 $10,310.00
Personal Expenses $3,630.00 $3,630.00 $5,446.00
Total $23,372.00 $37,780.00 $38,030.00

**Based on 15 credit hours per semester at the undergraduate tuition rate

Next, how do you determine if you have enough money to study abroad?

You need to factor in the funding you have available for study abroad. You can use this to determine if you need to secure additional funding to afford your program of choice.

Are your “Total Funding Sources” more or less than the "Total Expenses"? If your Total Funding Sources are equal or greater than your Total Expenses, then you have enough funding to study abroad in your desired term. If your Total Expenses are greater than your Total Funding Sources, you will need to acquire additional funding prior to studying abroad.
Funding SourcesAmountWhen Available
Parental/Guardian Support
Frequent Flier Miles
Total Funding Sources