Other Travel

Travel Without Students

The Education Abroad Office (EAO) staff is thrilled whenever UNL faculty and staff have the opportunity to teach, attend a conference, conduct research, visit colleagues, and pursue other types of international engagement. However, the EAO does not offer travel services to individual UNL faculty or staff members traveling without students. We are a small, student-centered office and we have committed our time and resources to helping students meet their education abroad goals.

We understand that there are many logistical hurdles to traveling and living abroad. Common concerns are related to visa applications and international insurance. We invite you to utilize the web resources we have designed for students, and to consider these recommendations:

Note: While the EAO manages enrollment for a Blanket Accident and Sickness Insurance policy with HTH Worldwide, the only individuals eligible to enroll under this particular UNL policy are: education abroad students, faculty members leading education abroad programs, and their dependents.

Independent Study or Research Abroad

If you are advising or teaching undergraduate or graduate students who plan to engage in an independent study or research abroad, please encourage them to contact the Education Abroad Office. The EAO would like to support your students as they prepare to go abroad and encourage them to enroll in UNL's HTH Worldwide insurance policy. NU and UNL would like to have an accurate count of students participating in all areas of international engagement.

Please check the U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings to make sure UNL students are permitted to travel to the host country.

Domestic Group Travel

The Education Abroad Office (EAO) administers programs outside of the United States. UNL offices, departments, and colleges are responsible for coordinating domestic student group travel. UNL Human Resources and UNL Travel Services offer the following guidance: