ACE 9 Requirement

ACE 9 Outcome: Exhibit global awareness or knowledge of human diversity through analysis of an issue.

If a student participates in a UNL approved education abroad experience, they are eligible to apply that education abroad experience to the ACE 9 outcome completion. UNL approved education abroad programs include faculty-led, exchange, affiliated, or other programs that students have pre-approved before departure. A minimum of 3 credit hours must be completed during the education abroad experience, either as UNL credit or transferred back to UNL. The experience of education abroad, not necessarily the course itself, will satisfy ACE 9. Upon return to UNL, the student is required to write a minimum 2-page reflection on some type of global issue they encountered during their education abroad experience. There is no deadline to submit the reflection, but students are encouraged to submit it before the term in which they wish to graduate. If the reflection is not approved, the student will be asked to revise or rewrite it until it meets the requirements.

For a detailed explanation of the completion waiver process, tips for writing a reflection that will be approved, and to download the Completion Form, see the ACE website.