Commitment Deposit

If you are participating in a UNL Faculty-Led or Exchange program, you will need to make a deposit to secure a place on the program. Deposit schedules and amounts vary. The deposit will be applied to the overall cost of your program and will include the non-refundable $150 Education Abroad Fee.

If you are asked to bring a payment by check or money order to the EAO, but fail to deliver it by the established due date, you risk losing your place in the program. If a late payment results in low program enrollment, the program may be cancelled. Also, returned checks are subject to a $30 returned check fee.

Withdrawal from a UNL program: If you withdraw from a UNL program after you have made a commitment to participate (by paying the commitment deposit), you will be financially responsible for any non-recoverable costs associated with your participation at the time of withdrawal, as well as the $150 Education Abroad Fee. Please note:

  • Non-recoverable costs vary by program and typically increase closer to the program start date.
  • Calculation of these costs may take time as the Education Abroad staff reviews the refund and cancellation policies of the program’s vendors (airlines, hotels, etc.).
  • Each committed participant is responsible for a portion of program costs that are divided evenly among all participants (chartered bus, tour guides, etc.). The participant’s portion of group costs is considered a non-recoverable cost.
  • The total non-recoverable amount may exceed the commitment deposit amount, in which case the participant will be billed the additional amount due.

For other programs, you will likely be financially liable to the program sponsor: examples include an application fee and/or program cost deposit. Withdrawal dates, fees and deposits vary, so please read the information on the program sponsor's website carefully.