Generation Study Abroad

What is Generation Study Abroad?

With international experience and global competence being one of the most important components of a 21st century education, and with less than 10% of U.S. students studying abroad, the Institute of International Education (IIE) has launched the Generation Study Abroad initiative! With the Institute of International Education’s resources and IIE partnerships with organizations and institutions stateside and abroad, Generation Study Abroad hopes to increase the number of U.S. students studying abroad to 600,000 by the 2018-2019 academic year.

GSA Press Release

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Commitment

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has joined IIE and Generation Study Abroad to bring global competency and international perspectives to more UNL students! Initially, UNL proposed a 20% increase of UNL students going abroad by the 2017-2018 academic year. However, due to overwhelming growth in the 2014-2015 academic year, UNL increased its goal to 1,020 students, which would represent a 40% increase in UNL students abroad. Another strong year of growth prompted UNL to increase its goal once again to 1,275 students, or a 75% increase. The 1,275 students represent Huskers going abroad on education abroad programs for-credit as well as university sponsored non-credit work, internship, and service-learning opportunities. To reach this goal, the UNL Education Abroad office is partnering with a number of UNL colleges and working to increase the number of underrepresented majors and students studying abroad. The UNL Education Abroad office continues to hold events such as "How to Fund Your Experience Abroad Week" and seek out additional funding opportunities such as the Early Abroad Scholarship which was recognized nationally by IIE.

UNL's Early Abroad Scholarship Chosen for IIE Commitment Partner Spotlight

The Early Abroad scholarship was recognized on the national level by IIE at the Generation Study Abroad Summit in October 2015. Five UNL faculty and staff members represented UNL at IIE's Generation Study Abroad Summit. The delegates in attendance were: Rebecca Baskerville, Dave Wilson, Donna Dudney, Deb Mullen, and Emira Ibrahimpasic.The full Year-One Impact report, in which the Early Abroad scholarship is spotlighted, can be downloaded here:

Download the full report here!

IIE Spotlight