Intern, Research, Serve

Are you looking for an international opportunity that will take you beyond the traditional classroom setting in an interactive and challenging way? Increasingly, students are pursuing international internships, service learning, research, and teaching. Some UNL programs incorporate these elements, and many study abroad providers have started offering them alongside or independent of traditional study abroad models.

When searching for a program in MyWorld, be sure to search by "Experience Type" if you have a particular goal in mind!

Internships & Teaching

Some UNL programs, including a German language program in Berlin and a business program in Barcelona, offer students the chance to combine studying with a larger group and completing an individual summer internship. A UNL partnership in Japan allows students to intern in a Japanese middle school for one semester. UNL is partnering with a growing number of organizations to offer new global internships.

If you already have your eye on a particular study abroad program or organization, check to see if they offer internship placement services. You might also check with UNL Career Services for expert guidance on identifying internships or teaching opportunities. Be sure to research the required qualifications and visas, host country laws related to paid vs. unpaid internships, the length of time you are permitted to work, etc. If you pursue a for-credit internship not found in the MyWorld directory, you must complete the Unlisted For-Credit Internship application.

Volunteering & Service Learning

Students are always seeking ways to add meaningful engagement to their time abroad. Recent UNL Faculty-Led programs to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and India have incorporated service learning into the curriculum. Many study abroad organizations offer individual and group service learning opportunities. Popular projects include public health programs for pre-med students, working with children in schools or orphanages, environmental conservation and agricultural projects, building houses or community structures, and more.

Consider whether you would like service to play a central role in your experience, or whether you'd like it to be one part of the larger picture. In addition to Education Abroad, consider meeting with UNL Civic Engagement to better understand how to identify a high-quality service learning opportunity. If you pursue a for-credit service learning or volunteer experience not found in the MyWorld directory, you must complete the Unlisted For-Credit Service/Volunteer application.

Research & Field Work

Ask your faculty members and advisors about upcoming research or field work opportunities abroad. Consider designing your UCARE project to incorporate international research. Design a wildlife conservation research project in South Africa or a food security study in Ethiopia and Zambia with a UNL professor. Finding a research opportunity abroad can be challenging and competitive, but the academic and professional benefits will be well worth your time and effort. If you pursue a for-credit research experience not found in the MyWorld directory, you must complete the Unlisted For-Credit Research application.

Placement Organizations to Consider




*Organizations/opportunities not listed in MyWorld or formally affiliated with UNL. Unlisted Program application required.