Fall Semester Virtual International Programs (VIPs)

July 7, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every area of our lives, and students who were planning to go abroad have had to cancel their plans. As we see our classes, work, and social lives shift online, education abroad opportunities have also made the shift to virtual experiences. 

Check out the Virtual International Programs (VIPs) offered this upcoming semester! 

In response to COVID-19 and the suspension of many education abroad programs, UNL’s affiliated partners are using their academic and professional networks to offer new virtual global learning opportunities. These programs are not limited to students who were planning to study abroad, however. Virtual programs provide a  great opportunity for students who otherwise may not be able to have an international experience. 

Students can take one or two virtual classes (up to 6 credits) through the programs offered during the fall semester as a supplement to their full-time courseload at UNL. Students can mix-and-match courses from multiple universities around the world and participate in full- or part-time internships. From Italian Art and Culture to International Business to Spanish Politics, Virtual International Programs offer something for everyone. 

Not sure what a Virtual International Program is all about? UNL student, Diandra Freese, started her spring 2020 internship in South Korea but had to return home early due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Freese spoke to the DN recently about how her internship shifted to a virtual format. Of the virtual internship, Freese said, "I’m happy that I still have the chance to work remotely because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working for Adventure Korea and my boss has taught me so much about the tourism industry."

If you are interested in a virtual international program and would like to speak with an Education Abroad Coordinator about your options, please schedule an appointment with the coordinator assigned to your college via MyPlan. All advising sessions are currently being conducted via Zoom.