Roles and Responsibilities

Services Provided by the Education Abroad Office

Program development support:

  • Design and manage the program proposal process, in collaboration with department chairs and college deans.
  • Consult extensively with faculty leaders during the program development process.
  • Assist faculty leaders in identifying potential on-site partner(s), and vet/approve the partner(s) with the support of UNL's Director of Global Safety & Security.

Financial services:

  • Establish a program budget that meets University guidelines. Work with our business office to create and manage each program’s unique cost object.
  • Coordinate with Procurement Services for review and approval of invoices and contracts with on-site partners.
  • Initiate wire transfers and make credit card payments as appropriate.
  • Request a cash advance from the Bursar’s Office on behalf of faculty leaders needing to pay for meals/services while in the host country, so leaders need not use their personal funds.
  • Review receipts and help faculty leaders prepare an Employee Travel Expense Voucher in compliance with UNL Accounting policies.

Marketing and student recruitment:

  • Create a web-based “brochure” (customized program webpage) in MyWorld, based on the faculty leaders’ proposal, photos, and feedback.
  • Host and invite faculty leaders to exhibit at the Education Abroad Fair in September.
  • Create print program flyers to be distributed by the EAO and the faculty leaders.
  • Regularly promote faculty-led programs through presentations, advising, and social media.
  • Maintain a web-based application via MyWorld in compliance with higher education regulations. Students may click “Apply Now” directly from the program’s webpage!
  • Guide faculty leaders through the process of reviewing/approving applications in MyWorld.                             

Student and faculty preparation:

  • Collect all necessary information, waivers and releases, signatures, and paperwork from students via MyWorld.
  • Collect commitment deposits via check and credit/debit card from students in compliance with UNL cash handling policies.
  • Review applications for education abroad scholarships and notify recipients.
  • Prepare personalized budgets for students to submit to the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid, assuring students do not run afoul of federal financial aid regulations.
  • Work with Student Accounts to bill students via standard UNL processes (MyRED).
  • Collaborate with departments and colleges to ensure that students are properly registered and awarded credit.
  • Facilitate the process of reserving and purchasing flights: group flights or “suggested itineraries” for students.
  • Provide guidance to students and leaders about the visa application process, if applicable.
  • Facilitate faculty leader professional development and networking sessions. If faculty leaders attend four workshops offered throughout the year, they will be certified.
  • Prepare pre-departure travel packets for faculty leaders.

Safety, security, health, and conduct support:

  • Manage the Health Clearance process for students.
  • Deliver presentations on health, safety and security at pre-departure orientations.
  • Enroll students in medical/emergency insurance.
  • Register students with overseas embassy/consulate (U.S. Department of State STEP).
  • Notify faculty and students of risks associated with the host country.
  • Locates doctor/hospital in host country that complies with insurance.
  • Serve as university communications point while students and leaders are abroad; EAO staff member reachable by cell phone, with 24/7 support from UNL Police Department.
  • Partner with the Director of Global Safety and Security to coordinate university response in the event of an emergency or incident.

Beyond the program:

  • Assist faculty leaders with program evaluation and wrap-up.
  • Offer career development workshops and events to all education abroad “returnees.”
  • Maintain UNL records and create official reports on student participation (by college) in education abroad.
  • Promote education abroad opportunities to current and prospective UNL students through our website and social media, fairs, presentations, and printed materials.

Faculty Leader/Director's Responsibilities

Program and course development:

  • Submits a detailed program proposal.
  • Works with their academic colleges/departments to establish education abroad course(s), adding these courses to the course bulletin.
  • Identifies the type of logistical support needed, according to the program model and learning objectives. The Faculty Leader need not make all arrangements personally, but should not request the EAO to perform travel agent services. The EAO requires use of on-site partners in identifying and arranging housing, excursions, on-site transportation, etc.

Financial and logistical:

  • Collaborates with the EAO to develop an affordable, self-supporting budget.
  • Decides whether to require students to depart and return on a group flight, to offer an optional group flight, or to ask students to arrange individual flights. The EAO will then implement the flight reservation plan.
  • Submits an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) and provides the trip number to the EAO.
  • Corresponds with the EAO and/or Travel and Transport to book leader’s flight, if not part of a group flight, by no later than two months prior to departure.
  • Completes the Faculty Leader Portal within MyWorld by no later than four weeks prior to departure.
  • Develops and finalizes program itinerary in consultation with on-site partner(s).
  • Manages on-site finances and receipts according to UNL Accounting policies.

Student recruitment and selection:

  • Provides prospective participants with accurate, complete, and timely information on the nature and scope of the program.
  • Recruits students through informational sessions, classroom presentations, advising sessions, personal interactions, etc.
  • Accesses MyWorld, the EAO's web-based application portal. Reviews and accepts applicants online.

Student preparation:

  • Provides students with program- and country-specific orientation materials.
  • Coordinates program-specific orientation sessions: chooses dates/times/locations, invites students and guest speakers, prepares agendas, etc. Communicates with students about academic expectations, assignments, etc. Sets up and manages Canvas course page.
  • Works with college administrators and/or the EAO (for transfer credit) to provide permission codes to students.

Safety, security, health, and conduct:

  • Monitors and notifies students of any risks associated with host country/city, with support of EAO and Director of Global Safety and Security.
  • Coordinates with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), EAO, and on-site partner to arrange any requested accommodations (sign language interpreter, notetake, lodging on first floor, etc.).
  • Prepares for on-site emergencies by writing a detailed Emergency Preparedness Plan.
  • Serves as on-site advisor for students (mental health issues, sexual harassment, student conduct, cultural adjustment, crime, emergencies, etc.).
  • Manages on-site emergencies in coordination with local authorities, on-site partners, UNL staff, etc. 
  • Submits incident reports to the EAO.

Beyond the program:

  • Translates, organizes, and submits receipts to the EAO within 20 days after your return to the U.S.
  • Submits grades for students.
  • Assesses learning outcomes of the education abroad program.
  • Meets with the EAO staff to discuss program successes and challenges (required).