Registering for Classes

Students planning to earn credit for an education abroad experience must be enrolled in credit at UNL during the term(s) they are abroad. Being enrolled keeps participants “active” at UNL as a full or part-time student while they are on their program, and it enables eligible scholarships and financial aid to be disbursed to help fund students’ education abroad experiences.

Students can enroll in credit for education abroad programs in two different ways. Students can:

  1. Enroll directly in UNL courses, or
  2. Enroll in a Special Course Waiver placeholder course if they are earning transfer credit.

UNL Course

Students should enroll in a UNL course if they are participating in:

  • A faculty-led program with courses taught by UNL faculty
  • A special UNL-sponsored program, like the Nebraska at Oxford program, where host country faculty directly teach UNL courses
  • An independent study program supervised by UNL faculty
  • An internship, research, or service learning program with credit supervised by UNL faculty

For UNL course enrollment instructions, students should contact their faculty leader/supervisor or that faculty member’s department.

Special Course Waiver

Special Course Waiver (SPCW) is a placeholder “course” that students enroll in at UNL when they are earning education abroad credit from another institution. This course keeps students active at UNL while they are away on their education abroad program. Student SPCW enrollment hours should match the number of credit hours they plan to earn from their program abroad. SPCW courses do not have a grade or tuition associated with them.

Due to federal and University rules, students enrolling in SPCW must have their education abroad transfer credit pre-evaluated prior to the start of their program. This helps ensure that courses are able to count toward a student’s degree and fit within their academic degree plan. For more information on the pre-evaluation process, see Pre-Departure Credit Evaluation.