Universities in the United States vary considerably, and the contrast to those abroad is even greater. Your semester or year abroad has brought you into contact with higher education in another culture. When you return to your home campus, you may see its physical setting and the way it functions in a new light. Academically, your experience abroad may also have provided insight into new or related career goals. These perspectives may lead you in new directions, and you may want to start taking steps to actualize those new goals.

  • Talk to your advisor as soon as possible.
  • Seek out some student groups on campus.
  • The Education Abroad Office can put you in contact with international students.
  • We are always looking for education abroad alumni to serve as on-call speakers about studying abroad. Your fresh, first-hand knowledge is invaluable to prospective students.
  • Participate in cultural events on campus to add international flavor to life at home.
  • Get together occasionally with other students who have studied abroad.
  • Often students develop camaraderie with others who have shared similar experiences.
  • Start a foreign language conversation group, or join one that's already organized on campus.