Marketing and Recruiting Students

Program Promotion

The most effective advertising and the key to sufficient enrollment is the Faculty Leader. While the primary responsibility for recruiting lies with the Faculty Leader, the sponsoring department/college and the Education Abroad Office are here to support their efforts. Please review the marketing & recruitment guide for additional information and ideas.

Admissions Process

Depending on the demand for the program and the preference of the Faculty Leader, the admission process can be rolling or there can be one official decision date. The decision date is the date by which all students will learn whether they have been accepted, waitlisted, or not accepted to the program. Rolling admission means that the Faculty Leader may accept students one-by-one as their applications are completed, rather than making early applicants wait until the decision date.

Faculty Leaders will access students’ completed applications through the online application system in MyWorld. They will choose whether to accept, deny, or waitlist students, based on the student qualifications outlined in the program proposal and brochure and the quality of the application. The EAO strongly encourages Faculty Leaders to familiarize themselves with the EAO's "Eligibility & Conditions of Participation," review applications carefully, and follow up with the EAO to discuss reservations they have about specific students. Some Faculty Leaders opt to interview each applicant.

Shortly after the final decision date, all approved students are required to pay a "commitment deposit." If there is a waitlist and some approved students do not commit to the program by the deposit deadline, the students on the waitlist will be invited to participate. If the number of commitment deposits paid meets or exceeds the predetermined minimum enrollment, the EAO will notify students that the program will run. If the number of commitment deposits paid does not meet the predetermined minimum enrollment, the EAO will discuss with the Faculty Leader(s), chair, and dean the financial and administrative feasibility of running the program with low enrollment.