Program Academics

Establishing an Education Abroad Course

  • All courses associated with Faculty-Led programs need approval from the relevant department chair and college dean. Faculty Leaders will submit an Education Abroad proposal, to be reviewed by the department/college and the Education Abroad Office. The department/college will give final approval to any UNL course offered abroad.
  • All faculty salaries will be allocated by the sponsoring department/college. Faculty Leader expenses related to the Education Abroad program may be incorporated into the program budget administered by the Education Abroad Office.
  • Colleges and departments "own" the courses associated with UNL Education Abroad programs and may make the determination, in keeping with University policy, of the numbers of credit hours attached to a given course. All participants are required to enroll in at least one credit hour, including any non-degree seeking participants (visiting students and post-bacc students). If the department/college requires all students to enroll in a fixed number of credit hours, the course should be listed as such. If a course is offered for variable credit hours, the syllabus should clarify student expectations for each number of credits. Some scholarships require that a student enroll in at least three credit hours in order to receive an award.
  • The experience abroad should take place in the same term as the course enrollment. If a program begins after the conclusion of one term, the course should be offered in the subsequent term. For example, a program with an early- or mid-May start date after Spring graduation should be listed as a Summer course. A program over winter break should be listed as a Spring course. An Education Abroad course should be offered in one designated term. When students are given the choice to enroll in the Fall or Spring, the Spring or Summer, etc., UNL policies and processes in place for registration, billing, scholarships, and financial aid are compromised.