Student Stories

Hans Christensen
Delaney Morgan (left) riding a camel in the Wadi Rum desert.

Delaney Morgan

Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan, summer 2013

"Studying abroad in Amman, Jordan was a life changing experience.  Every day was a new adventure that was completely different from my life at home.  While I was there I studied US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, History of the Arab World, and was tutored for Arabic.  People often ask me what my favorite memory from abroad was, but that is so hard to answer because there are so many! However, riding camels in the Wadi Rum desert and camping out, an excursion to Petra, and getting the opportunity to visit with Syrian refugees are at the top of my ‘favorites list’.  The environment was completely different from anything I had ever experienced, which is why I loved it so much.  Jordan is a third world country, and because of this I was able to learn so much and get more out of my study aboard experience by being immersed in a such a unique culture. Of course, because it was the Middle East, there were challenges and cultural norms I had to adapt to, though everyone from Jordan was exceptionally understanding and welcoming.  I studied through International Studies Abroad (ISA), and they were incredibly helpful and made the process less stressful and overwhelming.  My recommendation for people studying abroad is to go to a country that is completely different from any culture you have experienced before and to stay as long as you can.  Studying abroad gave me a new outlook and perception on life and other cultures around me. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience a unique education abroad experience, too."

Kelsey Scofield
University of Canberra, Australia, spring 2013

"I am so fortunate to have had the experience to study abroad in Australia. My semester abroad has by far been the best semester of my three years in college. Going into the semester, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I think I picked the farthest place away from home so you can only imagine my nerves. Luckily my time there exceeded any expectations I could have had. Australians have a very relaxed and welcoming culture, making it very easy to get accustomed and meet the locals. I quickly made relationships with them, as well as people from all over the world.  They freely invited me and other Americans back to see their hometowns and took us to some of their favorite places.  I was astounded by the generosity and kindness of their people and that is what made my experience so amazing.  Having that time away from home also allowed me to grow as an individual. I learned that developing strong relationships with people is one of the most important and rewarding things in life. I came with just a suitcase, and left with some of my best friends." 

Rachel Ward
Kelcy Scofield posing with her local
Canberra friends.
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Thomas exploring one of the many sites of Berlin.

Jackson Thomas

Deutsch in Deutschland Institute, Berlin, Germay, spring 2013

"Coming to UNL as a freshman music student, I never thought that I would study abroad. However, after being exposed to the Deutsch in Deutschland program and seeing how incredibly doable it was and how it could fit into my life, major, and pocketbook, I took the plunge and opted for a semester in Berlin, Germany. And let me tell you, the only thing I regret is the hesitation I had about signing up in the first place! This program allowed me to live in a huge, metropolitan city and study at Deutsch in Deutschland, a renowned language institute, right in the heart of it all. Being a language-based program, most of my studies were learning German with other students from all around the world. Of course I learned a lot from studying abroad, including becoming fluent in a language, but how I grew as a person was an even larger gain. It allowed me to uncover hidden courage and realize aspects of myself that I never thought I possessed. To this day I still find new ways in which I've grown through my experiences abroad and even though it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done. One of my favorite parts of the trip was being able to interact with my host family that spoke absolutely no English. Although it was a challenge, overcoming that barrier led to relationships and experiences that I will have forever and I can't wait to go back and visit! How important my time abroad was to me is something that I cannot express enough. It was truly an experience of a lifetime."

Lexa Black

Antonio de Nebraija University, Madrid, Spain, Spring 2012

"I lived with a host family in Madrid, Spain.  Neither of my Spanish parents knew how to speak English at all, so it was very difficult at the beginning.  But as I grew more accustomed to their way of life and to only speaking in Spanish, we became very close.  My host mom, Concha, was a former chef and owner of her own restaurant.  I was very lucky to have the opportunity to try a variety of traditional Spanish dishes.  Since I studied abroad for a full semester, I had more opportunities to travel.  A group of friends and I traveled to Venice, Florence, and Rome for 5 days. While in Rome, we visited the Trevi fountain. It is said that if you stand with your back to the fountain and throw a coin in over your shoulder while making a wish, that wish will come true.   My wish was to have a positive study abroad experience that I would never forget.  Without a doubt that wish came true and I would do it all over again if I had the chance. I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain with International Studies Abroad (ISA), which is program provider.  Through ISA, we went on excursions all throughout the country including Granada, Salamanca, Segovia, and Toledo. Through these excursions, I was able to see different parts of the country and experience many of the different cultures that are represented throughout Spain."

Lexa Black
Lexa enjoying the views of Toldeo, Spain with a few friends.

Ben Norton

Senshu University, Tokyo, Japan, spring 2012

The day after graduating from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration in May, Ben Norton jetted off to Japan to start his career. Norton, who studied abroad at Senshu University while at CBA, now works for Senshu as an English language coordinator.
“I provide translations and revisions to correspondences sent between Senshu and its affiliated universities, along with teaching weekly tutorial English courses,” he explained.
Norton, a Lincoln, Neb., native, was initially exposed to Japanese culture through a family friend and began to study the Japanese language in middle school. Since then, he has had a life-long interest in Japan and prepared to ultimately work in the world’s third largest economy.
“I felt my acquisition of the Japanese language would be in vain if I didn’t have a strong grasp of basic business concepts and terminology, so I decided on majoring in international business,” he said.

His junior year he studied abroad through the CBA-sponsored exchange program with Senshu University. Norton learned how to move past cultural differences and build very meaningful relationships. He became aware of cultural filters, which he refers to how someone’s culture affects his or her paradigm and viewpoint of certain situations.
“I learned more and more about the general viewpoints of Japanese people, and by gaining this alternative outlook, I gained a new way to view my environment and culture,” he said.
Upon his return, he worked for the CBA Office of Undergraduate Programs as the Senshu study abroad student coordinator. The relationship he established with Senshu University is what ultimately led to him being offered the job prior to graduation.
“Since Senshu knew me from when I was an exchange student, there was no interview, nor was there any application I needed to fill out. By following up via email, I learned about the details of the position, and when two representatives from Senshu visited UNL a couple months later, I signed the work contract.”

Norton strongly encourages students to consider studying abroad.
“Studying abroad seems to be rather undervalued by the majority of students,” he said. “However, those that study abroad get to have these wonderful experiences that will stay with them their entire lives. Focus on your human capital and don’t let language barriers stop you.”
Students can learn more about the Senshu study abroad by contacting CBA Study Abroad Student Coordinators Anthony Ojile and Mackenzie Solt at

Ben Norton
Ben Norton (right) looks over eductional materials.

Megan Leach

Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, spring 2011

"This was truly a coming of age experience for me. I learned so much about myself and how I interact with the world. I loved that I was surrounded by people who shared my curiosity and travelling passion. This study abroad experience taught me to appreciate different cultures. I was also taught how to learn and study from different teaching strategies which will greatly improve my study habits back at my home University."

Megan Leach
Megan Leach in New Zealand in spring 2011.