Virtual International Programs (VIPs)

Virtual International Programs

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What are Virtual International Programs?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every area of our lives, and students who were planning to go abroad have had to cancel their plans. As we see our classes, work, and social lives shift online, education abroad opportunities have also made the shift to virtual experiences. 

In response to COVID-19 and the suspension of many education abroad programs, UNL’s affiliated partners are using their academic and professional networks to offer new virtual global learning opportunities. 

  • Format: Online courses taught outside the U.S.; virtual international internships or consulting projects; virtual intensive language programs; or some combination of these.
  • Length: Programs range from 3 weeks to a full semester. 
  • Locations: Programs can connect you with Australia, Austria, China, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the U.K., and more.

Benefits of Virtual International Programs

While VIPs do not involve physically traveling, living, studying, or interning abroad, they do offer:

  • Accessibility: The total cost of a VIP is lower than the total cost of a traditional education abroad program, as there are no travel expenses. VIPs are also an accessible alternative for students with disabilities or personal obligations that make it difficult to travel abroad.
  • Flexibility: Take courses at UNL while pursuing a VIP on the side. Programs offer a variety of options for program length and timing, number of courses, and type of credit.
  • Preparation: If you are considering studying or interning abroad in the future, a VIP allows you to “test the waters” and become familiar with a country you hope to visit someday.
  • Perspective: Learn about a subject from another viewpoint, broadening your understanding of your field. Instructors of VIP courses are accustomed to teaching students from the U.S. and around the world.
  • Skills: Gain real experience in your field, make international connections, collaborate across cultures and time zones, and learn important workplace concepts like project management and communications through technology.

Earning Credit

All study programs, and some internship programs, offer academic credit ranging from 3 to 17 credits. While some programs offer a full courseload, the Education Abroad Office encourages students to only enroll in one or two virtual classes (up to 6 credits) as a supplement to their full-time courseload at UNL. In addition, students can earn credit for unpaid international internships, or they have the option to pursue a non-credit internship or to enroll in a zero-credit course at UNL.

  • Transfer credit: VIP courses and some internships include credit for all participants. Upon completion, you will receive a transcript and transfer the credit to UNL.
  • UNL credit: Some internship programs are non-credit or credit-optional, in which case you may enroll in an UNL internship course or UNL independent study course, depending on your department/college.
  • Time management: Check the hours per week required to complete the VIP, to make sure it fits in your schedule, while allowing you to succeed.

Program Cost

Programs vary in cost by length, program type.

  • Online courses cost around $400-$600 per credit, falling between UNL’s resident and non-resident tuition rates.
  • Credit-bearing internship programs typically cost $2,000-$2,500, for 3-6 credits.
  • Program costs cover the organization’s administrative expenses, including staff in the U.S. and abroad who arrange, deliver, and ensure the quality of the internships and courses.
  • You will also be assessed a discounted UNL Education Abroad Fee of $100. The EAO offers advising, application and credit evaluation support, billing for affiliated programs through MyRED, and scholarships.

Funding Your Program


  • UNL VIP Scholarship (NEW!): The EAO is offering a new scholarship to all UNL undergraduate students in good standing who pursue an approved VIP. When you complete a VIP application in MyWorld, the EAO will confirm your scholarship eligibility and amount ($250-$1,000 depending on program type).
  • Gilman Scholarships: Gilman Scholars are now able to use their awards to support credit-bearing virtual international opportunities taking place between now and December 31, 2021.
  • UNL tuition scholarships: If you enroll in a UNL course in conjunction with a virtual internship (rather than earning transfer credit), you may use any applicable UNL tuition scholarships.
  • William H. Thompson Scholars may use their Susan Thompson Buffett on approved VIPs if they are earning academic credit and billed for the program through MyRed. 

Federal Financial Aid:

  • VIP program cost: VIPs are a new concept, and the U.S. Department of Education has not yet authorized the use of federal financial aid for VIP program costs.
  • UNL tuition/fees: If you enroll in a UNL course in conjunction with a virtual internship (rather than earning transfer credit), you may apply available federal aid to your UNL tuition.

Next Steps

EXPLORE the links below, which will take you to the websites of UNL’s affiliated partners. You can find specific information on the courses, countries, credit options, dates, professional fields, and program costs.

SCHEDULE an appointment with the Education Abroad Coordinator assigned to your college to discuss program options. 

  • If you'd like to move forward, contact your Academic Advisor to discuss how your selected course or internship might fit in your degree plan.
  • If you plan to pursue a virtual internship, also contact Career Services at 

APPLY in MyWorld and directly to the program.

Virtual Programs


Boost your resume and develop skills for the 21st century workplace, make international connections, and gain experience in your career field through a virtual internship or group project. Programs are sorted by the coordinating affiliate organization.

API Abroad

New Zealand

Virtual Internship and Labs

Choose from 3 resume-enhancing opportunities through API's Virtual Global Internships, Innovation Lab, or Community Engagement Lab. In the labs, you will work in small teams on business issues or community issues. Supported by field experts, students can see their ideas applied in real-world contexts.

Host Countries:  United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand.

Disciplines:  STEM, NGOs, Sports, Arts & Design, Accounting & Finance, Business, Advertising, Journalism, and more.

Credits:  optional for additional fee, or work with your Academic Advisor to earn UNL credit.

Virtual Global Internship

Innovation Lab

Community Engagement Lab

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Arcadia Abroad


Virtual Europe

12-week, part-time (20 hrs/week) internships in a variety of fields are offered in London, Athens, and Rome. Placements are first come, first served, so apply early! See the Arcadia Internship Placement Guide for more information.

Host Countries: England, Scotland, Italy, and Greece

Disciplines:  Journalism, Community Organizing, NGOs, Business and Entrepreneurship, Digital and Social Media, Marketing, Tourism, Education, Grant Writing, Radio and Magazine, Start-up, and more.

Credits: 4

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Global Remote Internships

ISA offers 4 tracks for students to choose their ideal virtual placement. In the group projects, students will work as a team on a business issue for a company. All students on all tracks will receive mentors who will check in with them and help them navigate their virtual internship experience.

Host Countries:  United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Japan, South Korea.

Disciplines:  Business-related fields, Computer Science, Tourism, Fashion, Engineering, and Pre-Law

Tracks:  8-week Full-Time Internship; 16-week Part-Time Internship; 4-week Group Project; 8-week Group Project

Credits: 3-6

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Global Experiences Virtuoso: Virtual International Internships

A guaranteed remote internship with an international employer, the ISEP GE Virtuoso Internships offer placements in a range of career fields.

Disciplines:  Business, Humanities, STEM, Arts, Health, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Graphic Design, IT/Computing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Journalism, And more!

Credits: optional 3 or 6 credits, or work with your Academic Advisor to earn UNL credit.

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SIT Study Abroad


Virtual Internships focused on Critical Global Issues

Intern with International NGOs, community organizations, conservation organizations, research institute, or think tank. Placements include topics on Women’s Rights & Resilience in Conflict Situations; Transitional Justice, Human Rights & Memory Activism; Education & Social Change Organizations; Environment, Conservation, and Ecosystems; Public Health, Community Action & Response to Covid-19 Pandemic; and more.

Host Countries: Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador India, Jordan, Kenya, Netherlands, Panama, Serbia & Kosovo, South Africa, and Vietnam

Disciplines:  Global Studies, Education, Political Science, Public Health, Environmental Studies, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, International Relations, Gender Studies

Credits:  4

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Virtual Internship and Projects

IAU is offering 3 career development opportunities: virtual internships, social impact projects, and consulting projects.

Host Countries:  Spain and France

Disciplines:  Art; Archaeology; Business fields; Communication; Political Science; Environmental Studies; Advertising; Social Media; Web Development and Animation; and more.

Credits:  optional for additional fee, or work with your Academic Advisor to earn UNL credit.

Virtual Internships

Consulting Projects

Social Impact Projects

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Study + Language

Enroll in a variety of courses across most major disciplines at over 20 universities and study centers around the world. Take classes from professors at universities abroad while earning transfer credit that you can apply toward your degree program. Continue your language study or learn something new while getting a virtual exchange and cultural experience. (Note: only languages/language levels that are not offered at UNL will be considered for credit.)



API Global Select
API Abroad

Take 1-6 courses from up to three different universities around the world! With six curated tracks and over 2,500 course offerings, students have the opportunity to enhance their education and gain a truly global perspective on their field of study.

Disciplines: General Education; International Business; Global Sustainability, Natural Sciences, and Environmental Studies; International and Intercultural Communications; International Perspectives in Psychology; and Global Health

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San Jose

San José: Current Global Topics & Spanish Language
ISA Remote Learning

Flexible program offering students the opportunity to take one or more courses online from the Universidad Veritas in San José, Costa Rica.

Host University: Universidad Veritas

Disciplines:  Humanities; Business; Environmental Science; Social Sciences; Health; and Spanish Language

Credits: 3

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Florence: Italian Art & Culture
ISA Remote Learning

Explore Florence from afar and find out why Florence is a world-renowned culture center.

Host Universities:  Florence University of the Arts and Apicius International School of Hospitality

Disciplines:  Communication; Health; Fashion; Art; Hospitality; Culture; Literature; and Italian Language

Credits: 3

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Sevilla - ISA

Sevilla: Current Global Topics & Spanish Language
ISA Remote Learning

Analyze global issues, such as economics, public health, politics, and culture from a Spanish context.

Host University:  Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo

Disciplines:  Area Studies and Culture; Business; Education; Health; Political Science; Spanish Language

Credits: 3

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Aix-en-Provence and Barcelona: Virtual Courses

Take virtual courses from the IAU study centers in Aix-en-Provence, France or Barcelona, Spain.

Host Institution:  IAU Study Center

Disciplines:  Area Studies; Archaeology; Museum Studies; Business; Political Science; History

Credits: 3

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Seoul: Korean Language and Electives in English
ISA Remote Learning

Take a short course over the extended winter break from one of South Korea's top universities: Korea University or Hanyang University.

Host Institutions:  Korea University; Hanyang University

Disciplines:  Area Studies; Korean Language; Business; Communications; Engineering; Environmental Studies; Information Technology; Math; Social Sciences; Visual and Performing Arts

Credits: 3

ISA: Korea University

ISA: Hanyang University

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Language Courses


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Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan: Area Studies and Arabic


Credits: 3-17


Chile: Spanish Language
SIT Study Abroad

Intermediate & Advanced

Credits: 3

Chile: Spanish

India: Hindi Language
SIT Study Abroad

Beginning & Intermediate

Credits: 3

India: Hindi

Language Courses

Additional Options

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Indonesia: Bahasa Indonesia Language
SIT Study Abroad

Beginning & Intermediate

Credits: 3

Indonesia: Bahasa Indonesia

Jordan: Arabic Language
SIT Study Abroad

All Levels

Credits: 3

Jordan: Arabic

Nepal: Nepali Language
SIT Study Abroad

Beginning & Intermediate

Credits: 3

Nepal: Nepali

Nepal: Tibetan Language
SIT Study Abroad

Beginning & Intermediate)

Credits: 3

Nepal: Tibetan

Language Courses

Additional Options

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Peru: Quechua Language
SIT Study Abroad


Credits: 3

Peru: Quechua

Senegal: French Language
SIT Study Abroad

Intermediate and Advanced

Credits: 3

Senegal: French

Tanzania: Swahili Language
SIT Study Abroad

Beginning & Intermediate

Credits: 3

Tanzania: Swahili

Vietnam: Vietnamese Language
SIT Study Abroad

Beginning & Intermediate

Credits: 3

Vietnam: Vietnamese

UNL Mini-Session Courses

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