Education Abroad Professionals

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Education Abroad Office (EAO) allows its students to select from a wide variety of programs abroad, available through a range of institutions and organizations. Given the range of choices student have, UNL Education Abroad Office has developed policies to ensure transparency with regard to program access and UNL's relationships to various institutions and organizations that provide program opportunities.

Program's Available to UNL Students

UNL encourages students to select programs abroad from a wide range of available options. To see a full listing of all program types available to UNL students, visit our Program Page.  Additionally, institutional, federal and state financial aid can be used across this broad range of programs, depending on academic rationale, student eligibility and parameters set by various grantors.

Education Abroad Fair

The Education Abroad Office allows representatives of organizations and institutions to participate in the Education Abroad Fair by invitation. Contact EAO regarding the cost of participation. Fairs are held twice a year, once at the end of January and another at the end of September. Inquiries to participate may be made to

Recruiting Policies and Procedures

The Education Abroad Office welcomes representatives of organizations and institutions, which provide programs abroad of potential interest to UNL students, to visit UNL. Inquiries should be made NO LESS THAN two weeks in advance of the proposed visit. Representatives are limited to one visit per term.

Education Abroad Office is the central advising body for ALL education abroad opportunities. All UNL students MUST work through this office to receive authorization for enrollment in programs.

Facebook Posting Policies

Education Abroad allows representatives to post announcements on the UNL Education Abroad Facebook page up to once a month. Content will be monitored by the EAO and the EAO reserves the right to remove any content that it deems to be misleading or violates any policy

Other Meetings

UNL programs, schools and departments ask that representatives NOT contact them directly to try to arrange appointments with faculty members, advisors or administrators. Only if there are compelling reasons to do so will Education Abroad attempt to arrange private appointments for representatives. The Education Abroad Office works very closely with these individuals and can offer an assessment of the potential level of interest and feasibility of such opportunities.

Ongoing Representation on Campus

It is important that organizations who employ student returnees to promote programs on campus have students identify themselves to Education Abroad as soon as they return to UNL. Education Abroad will guide the students to refer interested students to Education Abroad so they can follow the proper application processes for their program of interest as well as learn about alternative program options. Education Abroad cannot facilitate reserving a space at the Nebraska Union booth for student representatives. Student representatives may seek assistance from the RSO, UNL Globetrotters.

Planning a Campus Visit?

Education Abroad can authorize a reservation for a table space in the Nebraska Union (student union building). An Education Abroad staff member is required by the Nebraska Union to be present during tabling. Table space is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a flat fee of $50. Space is subject to availability. Notice: The staff of the Education Abroad Office regrets that it may not be able to accommodate all requests for table reservations or meetings.

Representatives will be asked to meet with a member of the staff of Education Abroad prior to interaction with UNL students on campus. At this time we will review relevant institutional procedures and policies (credit transfer, portability of financial aid, etc.) that are important to understand. Returning representatives should meet briefly with a member of the staff so that any updates can be exchanged.

How to Announce Your Campus Visit

  • EAO can place your visit on the EAO and UNL Calendar of Events.
  • Representatives may contact our office directly in order to identify additional methods of making their presence on campus known, possibly including e-mail contact* with students who have applied or shown interest in their programs, e-mail contact* with former program participants on campus, a flyer to be posted, etc.

*Education Abroad should receive copies of any such e-mail correspondence.

Printed Materials

Due to limited space, Education Abroad may not be able to keep large numbers of flyers, brochures and view books in our library. We encourage you to contact the Education Abroad Senior Coordinator to determine if additional materials are needed.

Education Abroad asks representatives to not put up flyers or posters without first making a request of Education Abroad at least two weeks prior. Materials can only remain posted for 30 days.