There are many different ways to study abroad! While the variety of programs may seem overwhelming at first, the good news is that there is likely an excellent program out there to fit your goals, your budget, and your schedule. We encourage you to carefully research your options using the MyWorld program search, attending a GO Session, and meeting with an Education Abroad Coordinator. Complete an advising application prior to your first appointment.

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UNL Programs

Study abroad with your fellow UNL students, and perhaps your favorite UNL faculty member. Programs range from two weeks to an entire academic year.


Attend courses developed, taught, and led by UNL faculty member(s). Courses are often experiential and, in some cases, the faculty leader will arrange internship and/or service learning opportunities. Register for and receive UNL course credits and grades just like an on-campus course; some opportunities include transfer credit as well. Locations and courses vary each year so keep checking MyWorld for additional programs. Low enrollment numbers may result in the cancellation of a program/course but students will be notified as early as possible so they can have time to plan for a backup option.

Many courses run during the summer sessions. Choose from over 25 courses in destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America! Between May and August, earn 3-6 (and sometimes 9!) credits in 3-8 weeks while exploring a new culture. Most courses are open to all majors, but be sure to contact the faculty leader for more information.

UNL Faculty-Led Program List

NU Sponsored Program List

Faculty-led offerings by academic year: 


UNL collaborates with another U.S. or foreign institution to offer UNL students language and other courses. UNL faculty and Education Abroad staff will help prepare you for the program, but you will travel abroad without a UNL faculty leader. These courses are typically taught by non-UNL faculty and you will earn transfer credit and your grades will not be factored into your GPA.

UNL Co-Sponsored Program List


Exchange Programs

Challenge and distinguish yourself by studying as a fully-integrated student at a host institution for a semester or academic year. Exchange programs demand a high level of maturity and independence. Language programs often require strong language skills. The opportunities are competitive and deadlines are earlier than other program types. Exchange programs can be very cost-effective, as you will pay tuition and fees to UNL for 15 credit hours at your usual tuition rate based on your major and resident/non-resident status and take classes at the partner institution, while a student from the partner institution takes classes at UNL. 

UNL Partner Universities (Bilateral Exchanges)

Bilateral exchanges are based on agreements between a host university and UNL for a reciprocal exchange of students and scholars. The number of students selected to participate in the exchange varies from year to year and depends on the balance of the exchange. If you are interested in studying at one of UNL’s partner institutions, please schedule an appointment with the Student Exchange Coordinator.

University-Wide Exchanges

UNL has established exchange agreements with specific host universities that allow UNL students from any major to attend these universities for a semester or academic year.

College/Department Exchanges

Several of UNL's colleges have established exchange agreements with institutions abroad specifically for their majors, such as Engineering or Architecture.

UNL Exchange Program List

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

The ISEP network offers exchange opportunities in 50 countries. Please visit the ISEP website to search programs by country, area of study, and language. Space through ISEP-Exchange is limited, so you may not get your first choice of host institution or country. You may also consider the less competitive ISEP-Direct option, which allows you to pay a set fee to ISEP to cover the cost of attendance at a host institution.

MyWorld and ISEP application deadlines are usually much earlier than other programs. Start your application early!
Spring 2015 deadline: August 27, 2014
Fall 2015 deadline: February 1, 2015

ISEP-Exchange Program List (MyWorld)

ISEP-Direct Program List (MyWorld)

MAUI-Utrecht Network Exchange Program

Take advantage of UNL’s membership in the Mid-America Universities International (MAUI) organization by studying as an exchange student at one of 29 Utrecht Network universities in 26 European countries. Visit the MAUI-Utrecht website to learn more.

MAUI-Utrecht places students once a year. MyWorld application deadline is February 14th. A limited number of placements are still available for Spring 2015. Meet with the Student Exchange Coordinator for further details.

MAUI-Utrecht Program List (MyWorld)


Provider Programs

Provider programs are education abroad programs administered by other U.S. and foreign universities, nonprofit organizations, and private companies. These programs offer you a wide range of disciplines and destinations. Program cost, course selection, on-site staff support, and deadlines vary by program. Be sure to check all of the program information in MyWorld and on the provider’s website before starting an application.

With approval from an Education Abroad Coordinator, UNL students may participate in provider programs. However, students and their parents must understand that UNL does not administer provider programs. Students will receive support from UNL Education Abroad staff, but students will also work directly with the provider staff. On-site support and staff will be from the provider organization.

Schedule a meeting with an Education Abroad Coordinator to discuss your program choice. We'll guide you through the process of making sure it's possible to use your financial aid, retain your full-time enrollment status, and transfer earned credit back to UNL.

Affiliated Providers

UNL has affiliation agreements with several study abroad providers. Affiliated providers often offer UNL students the chance to apply for additional scholarships, and they may waive certain fees and requirements. Affiliated providers include: AIFS, APICEA, CIEE, IES Abroad, IFSA-Butler, ISA, SAI, and SIT.

Please note that UNL students are not required to choose an affiliated provider but affiliation provides benefits such as additional scholarship options and billing through MyRed. Please consult an Education Abroad Coordinator about your chosen program.


Unlisted Programs

There are many program options listed in MyWorld. Most UNL students find that MyWorld offers “too many” rather than “too few” opportunities. In general, students are encouraged to pursue programs that are listed in MyWorld and administered by UNL and/or its partner institutions and organizations. Pursuing an unlisted opportunity may require significant independence and maturity, as UNL does not have a formal relationship with the program and the program may not offer comprehensive student support services.

If you wish to seek academic credit on an education abroad program that is not listed in MyWorld, you must:

1. Carefully review the appropriate unlisted program brochure, depending on the program type and your status as an undergraduate, graduate/professional, or law student.

2. Verify that the location(s) you wish to visit are not on the U.S. Department of State Travel Warning list.

3. Search MyWorld for programs that are identical or very similar in nature.

4. Meet with an Education Abroad Coordinator to discuss the program.

5. Complete the appropriate unlisted program application, depending on the program type and your status as an undergraduate, graduate/professional, or law student.

For Students Pursuing Non-Credit University-Sponsored International Travel:

All undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are required to register their NON-CREDIT university-sponsored international travel no later than two weeks prior to their expected departure date, using the International Travel Registry for Students, the UNL Education Abroad Office's international travel registration system.