Course Credits

Prior to studying abroad, you must register for course credit as you would any other term. Registering allows you to maintain your status as a full-time or part-time UNL student while you are studying abroad. There are several types of courses you may register for, including:

UNL course

  • Typically used with faculty-led programs
  • Request registration instructions from your faculty leader or the department

Special Course Waiver (SPCW)

  • Used when a student does not register for a credit-bearing UNL course
  • No grade is associated with the SPCW
  • No cost is associated with the SPCW
  • You need to indicate how many credit hours you are taking with the SPCW because the SPCW default is 1.0 credit hours
  • The SPCW does not guarantee you will receive that amount of credits, you must successfully complete your courses and complete the transfer credit process
  • Students must still transfer their education abroad courses back to UNL, see Earning Credit

Independent study or internship course

  • Work with your adviser or a faculty member to set up an independent study or internship