Fees and Payments

Education Abroad Fee

The Education Abroad Fee (EAF) is a mandatory $150 fee charged to all UNL students who participate in an education abroad program, regardless of program type or sponsor. It is also charged to non-UNL students participating in UNL programs. The fee is the same for all students in all programs: $150 per program.

UNL is not unique in charging these fees, and many universities charge much higher fees. Most public universities have moved to a "fee-based" model, shifting more of the cost of studying abroad to the students actually studying abroad. The EAF finances in part the operation of the Education Abroad Office. The EAF will not be waived if you choose not to utilize the services that the EAO provides.

The EAF may appear as a separate charge on your student account or it may be included in your overall program cost. If you are not accepted into the program to which you apply, you will not be charged the EAF. If you are accepted into a UNL program and you make a commitment deposit, but then you choose to withdraw, you will not receive a refund of the EAF.

Commitment Deposit

If you are participating in a UNL Faculty-Led or Exchange program, you will need to make a deposit to secure a place on the program. Deposit schedules and amounts vary. The deposit will be applied to the overall cost of your program and will include the non-refundable $150 Education Abroad Fee.

Withdrawal from a UNL program: If you withdraw from a UNL program after you have made a commitment to participate (by paying the commitment deposit), you will be financially responsible for any non-recoverable costs associated with your participation at the time of withdrawal, as well as the $150 Education Abroad Fee. Non-recoverable costs include any financial commitments made on your behalf. These costs vary by program and typically increase closer to the departure date. UNL will bill the participant for all irrecoverable costs, as well as the $150 Education Abroad Fee, and the amount due may exceed the commitment deposit(s) amount. Calculation of these costs may take time as the EAO staff determines the refund policies of vendors and whether exceptions can be made.

For other programs, you will likely be financially liable to the program sponsor: examples include an application fee and/or program cost deposit. Withdrawal dates, fees and deposits vary, so please read the information on the program sponsor's website carefully.

Final Payment

When possible, the Education Abroad Office will bill your MyRED student account for the remainder of the program cost in the regular billing cycle of the term in which you go abroad. MyRED has multiple payment options. Please note that the Education Abroad Office will not bill your MyRED student account for "independent" or "unlisted" opportunities with no formal UNL affiliation.

You may be billed by the Education Abroad Office (EAO), by your program sponsor, or by a combination of the two. The EAO will notify you about the billing arrangements for your particular program. For all expenses billed by UNL, the charges will appear on your MyRED account as "Study Abroad Fees." If you are billed directly by another sponsor for all or part of your program costs, please pay special attention to deadlines, payment options, and possible payment deferment until financial aid is disbursed.

UNL has special billing arrangements with the following providers, allowing UNL to bill you for the majority of the program cost through your MyRED student account: AIFS, AMIDEAST, API, Arcadia, CEA, CIEE, CIMBA (Iowa), IES Abroad, ISA, ISEP Direct, OTS (Duke), SAI, Semester at Sea, SIT, and the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center.

For all programs, you should budget for additional out-of-pocket expenses that are not included in the official program cost.

Up-Front Costs

Please be aware that the application and pre-departure process will require a certain amount of money in advance. Some expenses must be covered before scholarships and financial aid are disbursed. Develop a plan for covering these up-front costs, which may amount to several thousands of dollars:

  • Application fee and/or program deposit
  • US Passport
  • Visa fees and processing
  • Airfare
  • Pocket money upon arrival

Late Payments to UNL & Returned Check Fees

If you are asked to bring a payment by check or money order to the EAO, but fail to deliver it by the established due date, you risk losing your place in the program. If a late payment results in low program enrollment, the program may be cancelled. Also, returned checks are subject to a $30 returned check fee.

If you are billed for any education abroad program via your MyRED student account, late payments will be subject to the same sanctions that apply to all delinquent accounts.