Please note that in order to apply scholarships to your program abroad, you must pursue academic credit for and you must properly register for your term(s) abroad. See an Education Abroad Coordinator if you have any questions.

Scholarships to help fund your education abroad program come from a variety of sources. Be sure to put plenty of time and thought into researching and applying for scholarships. Many students are able to combine several small awards that add up to make a big difference.

If you already receive scholarships or financial aid at UNL, please check to see if you can extend these awards to help fund your education abroad. Visit the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid for details and registration requirements for your aid.

For more information on how to best financially prepare for your time abroad, visit our Financing Your Experience page.

UNL Education Abroad Administered Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by the Education Abroad Office and/or an external committee, and have various types of award criteria, including: language learning, financial need, program provider, and country of travel. Students may start scholarship applications prior to acceptance into a program. For more details and to start your online application(s), use the Program Search feature in MyWorld. Complete the Basic Scholarship Application to apply for several awards at one time, including the Global Gateway, but don't forget to apply to the programs with their own applications! Please note that UNL scholarships cannot be used for programs administered by UNO, UNK, or UNMC.

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Important Deadlines:

October 1  *  February 1
(by 11:59 p.m.)

Global Gateway Scholarship: Through generous funding from the University of Nebraska Foundation and the University of Nebraska Office of the President, Global Gateway Scholarships will be available to UNL students studying abroad in 2015 and 2016. Each year, 65 Global Gateway Scholarships at $1500 each will be awarded to students who study, research, intern, or do service learning abroad in one of the following priority countries: Brazil, Oman, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Vietnam. In addition, 65 Global Gateway Scholarships at $750 each will be made available to students who study, research, intern, or do service learning abroad in a country other than those prioritized.

UNL College and Departmental Scholarships

UNL Colleges and Departments have a variety of education abroad scholarships and travel grants that are awarded to their students. Please inquire with your college or department administration for more details. Please note that UNL scholarships cannot be used for programs administered by UNO, UNK, or UNMC.

Renewable UNL Scholarships

Do you already use scholarship funds to help pay for the courses you take at UNL? There is a good chance you can use those awards to offset your education abroad expenses. As you select a program type and program sponsor, be sure to ask the EAO and the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid for guidance on applying the scholarship awards you already have. Please note that UNL scholarships cannot be used for programs administered by UNO, UNK, or UNMC.

Program Provider Scholarships

If you are traveling on a program through a Provider, check out the scholarships that are awarded directly from the provider. If your favorite program appears expensive at first, be sure to factor in the amount of aid the provider typically gives to their students. Some providers offer discounts to UNL students because UNL is affiliated with the organization. Others offer automatic scholarships of up to $1,500 to UNL students because UNL is a public institution and/or because UNL is a member of the CIC.

National Scholarships

Nationally competitive scholarships can also be used to fund your travel abroad during or after your time at UNL. These awards include opportunities for language learning, research, and teaching abroad.

Be a part of the growing number of UNL students who have won Gilman, BorenCritical Language, and Fulbright scholarships to go abroad! For more information on these opportunities and to learn about the campus process for each, please carefully review the descriptions found on the UNL Fellowships website and then contact Dr. Laura Damuth, Director of National and International Fellowships at

The Gilman Scholarship gives special preference to study abroad students who are Pell Grant eligible. To register your intent to apply for a Gilman, visit the Gilman brochure in MyWorld. The Education Abroad Office and the Office of Fellowships can advise you during the application process.
Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 "early" application deadlines: September 26 (campus) and October 7 (national/official) 
Summer/Fall/AY 2015 deadlines
: February 17 (campus) and March 3 (national/official)

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