Admission to UNL

Estimating Expenses

Each applicant should estimate expenses according to the terms of the particular exchange arrangement and for the appropriate period of time (one or two semesters). Exchange students, please consult with your home institution exchange program coordinator for the benefits covered by your exchange program. You must show the ability to provide the additional costs not covered by the exchange program. Since you will have documented your financial ability to study and live at UNL, only part-time employment on-campus may be permitted with special permission.

Tuition and Fees

Visiting students are required to pay the non-resident rate for tuition and fees. Exchange students, except in a few special circumstances, receive tuition and fees benefits for up to 15 undergraduate or 12 graduate credit hours per semester. Tuition for credit hours in addition to these must be paid for by the exchange student at the non-resident tuition rate. Special fees charged only to students in particular programs or classes are not included in the exchange program and are the responsibility of the exchange student. For example, all students enrolled in the Law College must pay the
Law Library fee and all students enrolled in engineering courses pay an engineering fee and architecture students pay an architecture fee. Other special fees not covered by exchange benefits are listed in the “Schedule of Classes” which are followed by the notation “Special Fee” and the dollar amount.

Health and Accident Insurance

Health-related costs in the United States are very high. These expenses may be lessened if optional medical, dental, and optical work is completed before leaving home. The U.S. government requires that international students have adequate health and accident insurance. Visiting and exchange students will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the insurance plan provided by the UNL Health Center. UNL requires ALL international students to have health insurance that is comparable to the UNL student insurance. Refer to the UNL website for more information about those requirements: If a student is covered by a private insurance company, an insurance waiver must be signed within the first two weeks of each semester of attendance. All UNL students are required to document measles (Rubela) immunization. International students must complete a Tuberculosis test AFTER arrival at UNL. Upon acceptance, further information will be provided.


The estimate includes local travel, toiletries, some recreation, vacation meals, and incidentals. The amount listed should be considered a minimum. Individual spending habits will greatly influence this figure.

Room and Board

The estimates listed are based on double-occupancy in Selleck residence hall and include meals 7 days per week. If you choose another residence hall, please note that the costs may be different than those listed here. Single rooms are assigned on a space-available basis. The additional cost of a single room (approximately $600) is not covered by exchange benefits. Selleck, Knoll, University Suites, Eastside and Fedde Halls are open during UNL Breaks (closedown) periods, but no food is served. Interim university housing during the orientation period is approximately $32 per night/ double room, not including food. (Interim housing during orientation and UNL Break periods is covered in the exchange benefits in exchange programs in which room and board are included.) http://


Once admitted, exchange students must personally enroll themselves in UNL classes via Myred online registration.  Advice and assistance is available, but only the student can perform the necessary steps to be enrolled in suitable classes.  It is highly recommended that students meet an advisor from their home institution to determine which classes will most beneficial academically for the student.

Visa Information

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) will issue Form DS-2019, a Certificate of Eligibility for the Exchange Visitor Visa (J-1) for all incoming exchange students. As a J-1 visa holder you are obligated to pursue a full-time academic program at UNL. A minimum full-time academic program, which students must maintain for immigration regulations, is considered to be 12-15 undergraduate hours or 9-12 graduate hours. This document will be mailed directly to your home university’s international office.