Study Abroad Timeline

When and where to start the application and preparation process.

Six Months to a Year Prior to Departure

  • Check all scholarship deadlines--A few scholarships have just one application deadline per year!
  • Consider applying for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships.
  • Know your deadlines--some exchange programs have deadlines nine months prior to departure!

Three to Six Months Prior to Departure

  • Apply for your passport. Your passport must be valid for six months past your return from your trip abroad.
  • Review the cost sheet for your program, making sure you understand the full cost, and make an appointment with the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid to discuss your funding options.
  • Meet with your academic advisor & Education Abroad Coordinator to discuss your plans.
  • Submit your application to Education Abroad through the MyWorld.
  • Apply directly to the provider/host institution for your program if required.

Two to Three Months Prior to Departure

  • Apply for scholarships.
  • Confirm your participation in your program of choice.
  • Research and purchase your flight.
  • If a visa is required for travel to your country of study, begin the application process. Check the visa requirements at:
  • Seek course pre-departure credit evaluation from departmental evaluators for the credits you'll transfer back to UNL.
  • Visit the Travel Clinic or your preferred medical professional to discuss vaccinations and other health concerns.

One to Two Months Prior to Departure

  • Finalize your UNL arrangements: register for classes, update your contract with UNL Housing, finish course pre-departure credit evaluation, and secure financial aid and scholarships.
  • Attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation to meet other UNL students going abroad and learn about how to prepare for international travel.
  • Designate a Power of Attorney to grant someone permission to act on your behalf. This is especially helpful when you need someone to handle your finances or conduct university business while you're abroad. Student Legal Services will assist you.
  • Photocopy any important documents you are taking with you such as your passport, I.D., credit card, and debit card. Scan copies to yourself and a family member.
  • Inform your bank and credit card companies of your travel plans so they do not freeze your accounts; check to see whether your bank charges service fees for international transactions or ATM withdrawals.
  • Check to make sure you've submitted all other required materials!